We spoke to 4 Canadian athletes about the evolution of the Olympics

Starting at 6:38 a.m. EST, Boyd-Clowes began tweeting what can only be described as a stream of consciousness that began with a brilliant Harry Potter reference.

“The Olympics has low-key Triwizard Tournament vibes,” he shared.

While there are no dragons, underwater abductions, or deadly labyrinths involved, the Olympics and Wizarding Tournament have similar elements of grandeur and gravity!

A few hours later, he came back online to share two important things packed into one sentence.

“Twitter is brain poison so I won an Olympic medal today.”

Boyd-Clowes then shared this equally profound thought:

“Winning a medal is like a little trippy,” which is just when you finally get the payoff for something you’ve worked so long and hard for.

It appears he then had to take a short break to speak to the media.

“I have to go on TV? Alright,” he shared ten minutes after his previous sighting.

On February 6, he posted a sentence that may be incomplete. Or maybe he just wanted to send a general “thank you”.

“I would like to take this moment to send a big thank you,” he wrote. You’re welcome ?

The medal-winning athlete took a moment to get serious about his sport between his playful tweets.

“Build small ski jumps and organize a program in Canada so that it can continue. A few dollars maybe for our sport? Too much to ask?” he wrote.

He also took time off to post on Instagram and shared that he was “desperate for the likes”.

“Hey we won the first ski jumping medal for Canada in the first ever mixed team event,” he captioned the post. “Thank you everyone. It’s not just the four of us. I desperately need likes here.”

This is Boyd-Clowes’ fourth Olympics and his first medal. According to his profile on the Olympic site, the 30-year-old was born in Toronto but now lives in Calgary.

He started skiing at the age of seven, and when he’s not on the slopes he enjoys movies, music, comedy, reading and concerts.

Congratulations, Mackenzie and her team!

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Naomi C. Amerson