Trampoline at the 2024 Paris Olympic Games

When to watch trampoline during the Paris 2024 Olympics

The two individual trampoline events (men’s individual and women’s individual) that will take place during the Games involve athletes bouncing more than 8 meters in the air on a trampoline, performing a series of twists, bounces and somersaults. During competition, athletes perform drills consisting of 10 elements which are scored based on difficulty, execution and time in the air.

The trampoline was originally invented in 1934 by George Nissen, but only gained popularity during the first world championships in London in 1964. The sport later became part of the International Gymnastics Federation 34 years later in 1998. Trampoline was introduced to the Olympic program in Sydney 2000. Since becoming an Olympic sport, trampoline has been dominated by China who have won 14 of the 36 medals awarded, including four on 12 titles.

Nicole Ahsinger is the only gymnast to have represented Team USA in the women’s trampoline competition at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and she made history by placing sixth overall. Her result is tied with the 2012 Olympian Savanna Vinsant as the best finish by an American trampoline gymnast.

The trampoline events of the 2024 Paris Olympics will take place on August 2.

Naomi C. Amerson