The poster for the return of archery to the Olympic Games in 1972

The image appeared in Sports Illustratedthen in the newspaper Image – in particular to illustrate a report on an archery tournament in the field – then in an archery manual published in 1969.

Somehow he ended up with the head of design for Munich 1972, Otl Aicher.

He showed up in person at the Waldtrudering sports shop where Lehner worked as a salesman – and built an archery department – ​​to show him a draft of his poster for the Olympics.

“He asked me if I was okay with that,” Irene says. She did, and the poster was released. Lehner was later accused by her teammates of breaking the amateur rules that then surrounded the sport.

“Neither then nor later did I ever receive a penny, not even a poster,” she says. Although his sister-in-law who worked at the Franzis-Druck printers in Munich found him a copy.

Lehner did not participate in the Olympics. Although she had been a top archer in Germany in previous years, she walked away from the sport after her son had an accident in 1970. She then founded the Hofolding Archery Club in southern Munich in 1972 and served on its board for 40 years.

Now in her 80s and 50 years after her image was used to promote archery’s historic return to the Olympics, Irene is still shooting.

Quotes, photos and research published with the kind permission of Stefan Grus and based on a previously published article on

Naomi C. Amerson