Sarah Sjostrom says she wants to swim at the 2028 Olympics

Olympic champion and world record holder Sarah Sjostrom is far from done with his career. According to an interview she gave to SwimmingWorld Magazine, she plans to travel to the 2028 Olympics which will be held in Los Angeles, California.

“Absolutely. (It’s) very unlikely that I won’t. Sjostrom said of LA. “Paris will be first and I always try to take it one year at a time, that’s the main thing. Maybe that I’ll know in two years (and) I’m like ‘ah, no, I’m done’ but I don’t think… I think I’m going to go on for much longer.

If she participates, LA 2028 will mark Sjostrom’s 20th straight year on the international stage. Additionally, she will also be 36 and one of the oldest swimmers in her competitive field.

Sjostrom made her first Olympic appearance at the 2008 Beijing Games when she was just 15 years old. She also swam at the 2012, 2016 and 2020 Olympics where she won a gold, silver and bronze medal. If she swims at both the Paris 2024 and LA 2028 Games, she will have participated in six different Olympic Games, a feat that has only been achieved by four other swimmers: the Swede Therese Alshammar and Lars ForlanderTunisia Oussama Mellouliand Turkey Derya Buyukuncu.

Even if Sjostrom were to retire now, his career would have shown incredible longevity. She won her first World Championship gold medal in 2009 at the age of 16, and now, 13 years later, she has just won two more gold medals at the 2022 World Championships at the 29 years old. A year ago, Sjostrom broke her elbow a few months before the Tokyo Olympics, and she still managed to win 50 free silver medals in that encounter in a display of incredible resilience.

Sjostrom is currently the world record holder in the long course 50/100 freestyle and 50/100 butterfly, as well as the 4×50 short course medley relay. Her 19 individual World Championship medals, including three this year, are more than any other swimmer in history and only one less than Michael Phelps‘ record total of 20 individual medals. Moreover, her total of 28 medals at the European Championships is the best of any swimmer in the history of the competition.

Naomi C. Amerson