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Chennai: Flamenco or badminton – that was the choice Carolina Marin had to make when he was 12. “I danced flamenco for many years from the age of three. I started playing badminton when I was eight,” the Olympic champion, three-time world champion, five-time European champion and former badminton world number 1 told her audience during the virtual floodlight event on 15 January, closing day of IIT Madras. Shaastra 2022, the engineering institute’s annual technology festival.
“You never know the future and if you make the right decision. But when I turned 14, I decided to move to Madrid and give badminton my all,” said the current world number 4.
His coach Fernando Rivas, the other speaker in the virtual Q&A session, said what caught his attention about Marin’s style of play was his total control over the match tempo, his speed and his style of play. ‘attack.
“She was only 13 and it was a level of skill I had never seen before at a national level. I knew I could help make her a world-class player.
Although badminton is not a popular sport in Spain, Marin’s wins have helped make it one.
“Now it’s being played in parks across the country. And you have great training facilities,” Rivas said.
“It was a dream come true for me when my home town decided to name a stadium after me,” Marin said.
Rivas added that technology plays an important role in sports. “We need to analyze data about our opponents’ style of play, as well as our players to use anything that can give us an edge on the world stage. We live in the age of data. Having the technology to collect and interpreting the data can do all the inference on the playing field.”
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Naomi C. Amerson