Queensland celebrates 10 years before the Brisbane 2032 Olympic Games

Encouraging people of all ages to get involved, the sessions will feature several Australian Olympic and Paralympic athletes, who will join in the celebrations as part of the Australian Olympic Committee’s ‘Green & Gold Runway’ initiative.

In addition to these activities, the Organizing Committee uses the next 10 year milestone to get Brisbane 2032 Ready, having outlined the planning and delivery milestones that will be undertaken over the next decade.

Kirsty Coventry, who chairs the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Coordination Commission for Brisbane 2032, said ahead of the anniversary that the key to the success of the Olympics and Paralympics was a relentless focus on sport.

“Sport has the power to unite people, improve their health and well-being, teach the benefits of resilience and perseverance, and so much more. In the context of the Olympics and Paralympics, we can create cultural change, economic change, infrastructure change and social change around sport.

“The vision and plan for the Brisbane 2032 Games fits into this context, with long-term regional and national strategies for the social and economic development of Queensland and Australia, while complementing the goals of the Olympic Movement defined in Olympic Agenda 2020 and 2020+5. Brisbane 2032 will be a great platform to showcase all of these improvements, while focusing on delivering memorable sporting experiences for athletes and fans.

“We all know Australia’s universal love and understanding for sport and the Olympics, having hosted the Games twice. That’s why I think you have the best opportunity to harness the power of Brisbane. 2032 and the benefits of Olympic Agenda 2020, as long as you put sport and athletes at the center of your planning.”

Brisbane 2032 Board Chairman Andrew Liveris noted that basic planning is already underway within the Organizing Committee, including initial business, commercial, marketing and workforce plans. for Brisbane 2032.

“People can expect the organizing committee to focus on strategy development and planning over the next few years. As the Games approach, we will begin the preparation phase before entering Games operational mode in the months leading up to and during the Games,” he said.

“The Brisbane 2032 Organizing Committee will only have a small number of staff in the first years of planning, and then the numbers will gradually increase to several thousand by Games time.

“That said, many other organizations, sports federations, government departments, councils and community associations also play an important role in making the Games happen, from start to finish.

“Throughout the 10-year project there will be opportunities to get involved, whether you are an athlete, volunteer, spectator, sponsor, supplier, employee, entrepreneur, artist, engineer, doctor or a member of any other profession – Olympic and Paralympic Games raffle on the skills and contributions of the entire community in the most innovative way,” he said.

The Brisbane 2032 Games will benefit from the acceleration of a 10-year development schedule that was already in place to provide venues and infrastructure to support the state’s growth. Games delivery partners such as the Australian and Queensland Governments and South East Queensland Councils are already planning the required venue upgrades, which will leave a legacy for future generations of Queenslanders.

There will be six new venues and eight upgraded venues planned for delivery in South East Queensland, which will help meet the demands of a rapidly growing sports-loving population.

More information on the Get Started activities taking place this weekend can be found on the Australian Olympic Committee website.

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Naomi C. Amerson