Paris 2024: Jason Kenny “not optimistic” about participating in the Olympic Games

Kenny won gold and silver at Tokyo 2020, making him Britain’s most decorated Olympian

Britain’s most decorated Olympian Jason Kenny is “not very optimistic” about his presence at Paris 2024 due to injuries.

Track cyclist Kenny, 33, who has nine Olympic medals, won his seventh gold and second silver at Tokyo 2020.

Kenny can’t remember the last time he trained without it “really hurting” and now only focuses on being “fit enough to train properly”.

“A big part (whether he competes in Paris) depends on whether I can – I might not have a choice,” he added.

“Before the Olympics I was really struggling, I couldn’t squat or train the way I wanted, my knees hurt.

“I’m going to build really slowly, making sure I can do enough volume to train properly – and if I can’t, then I won’t even bother to try, I don’t think so, because I will not be able to be competitive if I cannot train properly.

“I’m not very optimistic (about Paris 2024) if I’m perfectly honest, because I can’t remember the last time I managed to train without it really hurting.”

Kenny became the first Briton to win seven Olympic gold medals with victory in men’s keirin at Tokyo 2020, making him the most decorated Olympian in the country.

He also won silver in the team sprint.

He says he “may not have a choice” when it comes to ending his illustrious career.

“We have such a great team around us and I really got into working with the physiotherapists,” he said.

“I’m relearning to squat and hope to be in better shape for it. I’m giving it away at the end of the year, where I want to be able to train at a good level, so I have until Christmas really before I go. reassess It’s all in the air.

Kenny, who quit cycling after the Rio 2016 Olympics before returning in 2017, said he had “learned from it” and was “a little more relaxed and less defined” about his decision.

Naomi C. Amerson