Olympian Matt Hamilton invites Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson to try curling – NBC Chicago

Seeing a photo of Dwayne Johnson might not immediately call curling up, but the actor is apparently intrigued enough by his nickname’s connection to the sport that he’s considering trying it out.

Johnson’s response to an NBC Olympics tweet on Wednesday that photographed his face on a US-held curling stone Matt Hamilton — with the caption “‘The Rock’ is in the house” — went back and forth with the American curler. If Johnson were serious, he just figured out what “the rock” means in curling.

Johnson tweeted: “Took me a second to figure this out. I had no idea the thing being pushed on the ice – what I’ve been calling ‘the gadget they’re pushing’ for years is actually called THE ROCK . Very cool.”

Afterwards, the actor complimented Hamilton’s “focus, flexibility and hair.”

Hamilton, 32, responded to Johnson by thanking “Mr. The rock.

“If you ever want to try curling, let me know!” said Hamilton.

‘The Rock’ is no stranger to the ice, having starred as a hockey player in 2010’s ‘The Tooth Fairy’.

Johnson didn’t immediately respond, but at least there appears to be an open invitation for “Mr. The Rock” to go curling with Team USA.

Matt Hamilton, member of the USA curling team, talks about the growing popularity of curling in the USA

Naomi C. Amerson