Holky Inspiring Documentary Film About U.S. Olympian Steven Holcomb Overcoming Blindness and Depression to Win Gold Premieres on iINDIEFLIX

LOS ANGELES, February 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Film production company Peter Brown LLC and the filmmakers of Holky: The Steven Holcomb Story, announced a non-exclusive distribution deal with live and on-demand streamer iNDIEFLIX. The deal marks the first distribution deal for the documentary about the most decorated bobsledder in US history. With crew interviews, dynamic race sequences and the never-before-seen final interview with Steven before his untimely accidental death in 2017, the film will excite and move audiences.

Steven Holcomb, known to his team and friends as “Holky”, is a bobsleigh pilot who emerges as the unlikely best hope of ending the team. the United States 62-year-old Olympic gold medal drought. But Steven was wrestling with a dangerous secret: he was going blind. In the last interview before his death at the age of 37, Steven tells his own story of rising through the ranks as a bobsleigh driver and hiding his blindness from his team as he becomes one of the world’s top drivers. of sledding in the world. Forced into early retirement, Steven struggled with depression. But an innovative surgery restores his sight (with unintended consequences), allowing him to return to the sport and win gold. At a time when society is finally beginning to discuss the mental health of athletes, the film makes an invaluable contribution to this important conversation.

“We were captivated not only by Steven’s remarkable and tragic story, but also by his raw honesty and humor while revealing his inner struggles and darkest moments,” said the filmmaker. Anna Auster. “We hope this film will provide insight into human behavior and emotions, not just for athletes but for all of us.”

“It was a unique pleasure to know Steven. With this film, we wanted to show audiences his mind and heart and share the legacy of a true champion,” said Holky producer Brian Boxer Wachler.

Holky: the story of Steven Holcomb is produced by Pierre Yost, Anna Auster, Jared Dubrino, Brian Boxer Wachler and broadcast on IndieFlix here (IndieFlix is ​​priced at $4.99/month, with a seven-day free trial).

Documentary // rated: G // duration: 32 minutes
Directed by Anna Auster

Brown Stone, LLC

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