Carlsbad Olympian’s Family Hosts Opening Ceremony Watch Party – NBC 7 San Diego

Janel and John Maud won’t be in Beijing next week to watch their daughter Tessa compete in the halfpipe snowboard competition, but you can bet they’ll be cheering from home. They helped their friends get into the Olympic spirit on Friday by inviting them to attend the Opening Ceremonies.

Tessa Maud is ranked fourth nationally among women’s halfpipe snowboarders and is competing in her first ever Olympic Games.

“We are thrilled,” said John Maud. “We’re so happy and proud. We’ve worked hard to get her to where she is.”

The 18-year-old is one of the youngest riders on her team. Her friends and family are wild with excitement.

“It’s been her goal since she was little and we’re just glad she’s here,” John Maud said. “We don’t expect her to come back with a medal or anything like that.”

Maud’s neighbors are also feeling the Olympic itch.

“We raised our US Olympics flag and within two days everyone on this street had their flags raised and it really supported us,” said Janel Maud.

Tessa started snowboarding at just 4 years old, sharing a love for the sport with her parents.

“It was our passion when we first started dating,” John Maud said. “We would run to Mammoth and Big Bear and Snow Summit. We basically built our relationship on snowboarding and then we had Tessa and she’s at the Olympics.”

Tessa Maud placed second at the world junior championships in 2018 and 2019, and she is now competing for Olympic gold.

And although they are miles apart, her family will be cheering her on at home as she pursues her Olympic dreams.

The Women’s Snowboard Halfpipe Qualifier will take place on February 9 with the finals taking place the following day.

Naomi C. Amerson