British school who ‘canceled’ JK Rowling faces new trans line against Olympian

Executives received a mixed reaction after distancing themselves from JK Rowling in favor of an Olympian who had previously spoken out against transgender rights

A British school that replaced a tribute to Harry Potter author JK Rowling with British athlete Kelly Holmes has come under fire after it discovered comments the Olympian made about transgender athletes.

Rowling, who is one of the world’s most successful authors, ignited the so-called ‘wide awake’ crowd with a succession of tweets about the transgender community after first drawing criticism in the summer of 2020 when she objected to the phrase “menstruating”. used in an opinion piece instead of the word “women”.

This sparked a torrent of complaints against the writer and even led the star trio of the Harry Potter film series, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, to distance themselves from her.

Rowling has also been reported to have been skipped from recent Harry Potter film anniversary celebrations due to the controversy.

Now the Boswells School in Essex, which had named one of its homes after the author, appears to have taken a new stand by giving in to public pressure and overturning the decision.

Rowling’s replacement for the school, Olympian Kelly Holmes, a double gold medalist, was initially seen as an easy choice.

Holmes is one of the most successful female athletes in British history and has won a medal in various middle distance events throughout her long athletic career – but the decision to opt for it sparked new reviews after Holmes’ historic comments on trans athletes. appeared in which she described transgender people competing with women in sport as “a fucking joke”.

“She’s a trans woman – a masculine body with masculine physiology – setting a world record and winning a women’s event in America in powerlifting,” Former Olympian Sharron Davies wrote after a transgender weightlifter announced she broke records at a competition in the United States in 2019.

“A woman with a female biology cannot compete. It is a useless and unfair playing field.

Holmes replied: “It’s a bloody joke and everything is being prepared for biological women to boycott certain events.

“Have a trans category if needed, but even better, trans games. Otherwise, I start to worry about the backlash and abuse the trans community will receive from viewers. It will happen.”

Holmes reacted with pride to having a house named after him and praised Rowling as a world-renowned author.

“I am always honored when a school gives my name to a house” the 800m and 1,500m champion at the 2004 Athens Summer Olympics was quoted by MailOnline.

“I hope my name represents determination, strength in the face of adversity and a never give up attitude.

“JK Rowling is a brilliant, world-renowned author and should be credited for all the good she has done in the world of literature to help young people, especially to have vision, creativity, dreams and more. again.”

The change has received a mixed reaction on social media, with some saying it makes very little sense.

“It seems like a strange decision given that Holmes has publicly stated the same views before anyway.” we wrote.

“Cancel culture at its best. Completely stupid and once again we see women’s rights eroded ”, another said.

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“So, following the Boswells School’s decision to replace JK Rowling with Dame Kelly Holmes, it has emerged that Dame Kelly’s trans views are even more controversial.

“She thinks they should have their own separate category or even their own separate games. I couldn’t catch up to him, “wrote a third, while another said the situation was a stain on the” alarm clock. “

“This is another side element of the gradual end of wokedom self-certification. It will be embarrassing if they don’t find an admirable role model who shares their values. I doubt that will make them think about these values, ”they said.

Another asked: “What are the chances of choosing two women who are gender critics?” Anyone would think that was a generally held opinion instead of extreme fanaticism. “

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Naomi C. Amerson