America’s World-Ranked Athletes in New Update

United World Wrestling’s rankings – determined by a now revamped points system – have now been officially updated on the heels of their first event of 2022, the Vehbi Emre Memorial in Istanbul. Vehbi Emre was concluded towards the end of February and lacked the kind of variety in attendance most often associated with UWW Ranking Series tournaments.

And although no Greco-Roman athlete from the United States has entered Vehbi Emre, seven Americans remain ranked in the UWW top 30, including two in the top 10. The leader is, of course, world bronze 21 G’Angelo Hancock (97 kg, Sunkist, 5 p.m. #1), whose place went from #5 to #4. Max Nowry (Army/WCAP, 5PM #1) sits in 9th place at 55 kilograms, as Nowry continues to find his name among the upper echelons thanks in large part to his recent streak of Pan American championship titles.

Two-Time World Team Member Robert Dalton (60kg, Army/WCAP, 5 p.m. #1) currently sits in 20th place, despite being a two-time Olympian Ben Headmaster (82 kg, NYAC, 5 p.m. #1) holds the #14 spot. Cohlton Schultz (130 kg, Sunkist, 5:00 p.m. #1), two-time national champion and world medalist on several occasions by age group, arrives in 24th place. With Nowry, Roberts, Provisor and Schultz comprising the sum of the world ranked American wrestlers who were on the 21 world championship roster (Hancock is the only ranked American to have competed in both Tokyo and Oslo). Two other Olympians are also in the fold – Alex Sancho (67 kg, Army/WCAP), which saw a slight bump from #18 to #17; and Jean Stefanowicz (87 kg, Navy-Marines RTC), which fell six places from #20 to #26.

Going into this season’s “ranking series”, UWW inflated point values ​​relative to the standings. See table below:

(Source: United World Wrestling)

World-ranked American Greco-Roman athletes

(*as of 03/21/22)

55kg: Max Nowry (Army/WCAP) — #9 – 13,500 points
60kg: Dalton Roberts (Army/WCAP) — #20 – 8,200 points
67kg: Alex Sancho (Army/WCAP) — #17 – 14,300 points
82 kg: Ben Principal (NYAC) — #14 – 6,600 points
87kg: John Stefanowicz (Navy-Marines RTC) — #26 – 6,200 points
97 kg: G’Angelo Hancock (Sunkist) — #4 – 47,200 points
130 kg: Cohlton Schultz (Sunkist) — #24 – 6,600 points

Early iterations of United World Wrestling’s “Ranking Series” involved lower points corresponding to the tournament ranking. Gold/1st place was either 50 points at a World Championship, 12 at a Continental Championship (i.e. Pan Americans), or eight at a regular RS event. The updated system does not yet delineate event status, and points for first place have jumped to 8,000, with each subsequent placement following suit. Another change is exploration. In the past, the lowest ranking to receive ranking points was tenth in a World event (with Continental dropping to 8th and RS stopping at 5th).

Finally, the degree of participation in a given weight class at an event always influences point accumulation.

According to UWW:

“The number of points awarded during a competition will also be impacted by the number of wrestlers entered in each bracket. In weight classes with 2-5 competitors, ranking points will be halved and only the top three will be awarded points. In groups of 6 to 12 participants, no additional points will be added. For weight classes with 13-16 entries, an additional 3000 points will be awarded. For categories with more than 16 registered wrestlers, 5000 additional wrestlers will be allocated.

Other one-time factors
1 participant — no ranking or additional points.
2 to 5 entrants — Ranking points are halved and only the top three will be awarded.
6 to 12 participants — no additional points.
13-16 participants – 3,000 extra points to all wrestlers.
16 or more participants – 5,000 additional points to all wrestlers.

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