2022 Winter Olympics: International athletes to watch

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The unstated reason I combined the men’s snowboarding halfpipe contenders is that I didn’t want half the roster to be snowboarders. I love snowboarding so much that it’s hard to temper my enthusiasm for the sport and not blather about the riders, the tricks, the powder stashes, the gear, the gondolas, the safety meetings…wait I blather again .

Mark McMorris, an OG snowboarder from Canada, is looking for his first Olympic gold medal after capturing bronze at the last two Olympics. At 32, he did everything he set out to do, including surpassing White’s record for most career medals at the Winter X Games this year when he took first place in men’s slopestyle for a sixth time. record in Aspen.

Although slopestyle – hitting a series of features from rails to massive jumps – doesn’t draw the draw or carry the weight that halfpipe does, it’s my favorite snowboarding discipline due to the aesthetic diversity of the tricks. . (My favorite competition is anything backcountry where riders do natural jumps and create their own lines, but it’s not an Olympic event, and I’m still sputtering so I’ll stop.)

Watch out for McMorris, who, like most Canadians, is a nice guy and deserves a career boss’ kiss.

Naomi C. Amerson