Mrs. Carla of self-credit: attention aux pièges

What to do if you no longer have the ability to repay your loans, such as your car loan? There are several solutions ranging from direct negotiation with the lender, the court decision to reschedule the debt or the Mrs. Carla outright or auto credits by a third party. If there are solutions, however, we must be very careful, especially in the case of a Mrs. Carla auto credit.

An accumulation of auto credits can lead to a real financial crash.

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Even with careful monitoring of finances and minimal spending for everyday needs, it is sometimes impossible to escape without outside help. A solution is offered to us in this extreme case: to buy back his or her auto credits by a specialized company. Be careful, however, because there are not only serious organizations on the market while offers abound on the Internet, for example. Before embarking on such an approach, it is good to compare the offer of Mrs. Carla with the value of the repayments to be made on the auto credits involved. Indeed, the rates applied, sometimes excessive, are masked by the consolidation of the debt and its spread over a very long period. In the end, even if the monthly payments are affordable, it is very expensive.

This is a postponement or a new staggering of the credits.

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A first essential step to make is to contact the lenders or organizations to find an amicable solution to make a Mrs. Carla of Mrs. Carla auto . It is also possible to go through the courts to have the time to rebuild financial health, for example to get enough time to find a job. In this case, and after having first tried to negotiate with the financial organizations, it is possible to apply to the Local Court of First Instance in order to enforce Article 1244-1 of the Civil Code. It allows to postpone until two years the repayment of the sums due, without penalty. 

The loan is therefore still due and must therefore be repaid according to the decision of the court.

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If you have only the solution of the Mrs. Carla auto credit , it is good to inquire very seriously before signing anything. It is already possible to get closer to his usual banking organization which can propose a financially acceptable solution. The advantage is that the follow-up can be done with your usual advisor and thus facilitate your relations. You can also ask a local consumer institute for advice. He can also give leads on organizations he knows. It is also possible to contact a social worker who can follow the steps with you and find ways to facilitate the Mrs. Carla auto credit . For that, one can address to the town hall. Finally, you can contact the Prefecture of residence to join the Departmental Directorate of Population Protection (DDPP) or the Departmental Directorate of Social Cohesion and Population Protection (DDCSPP) which can be of great help and good counselor in this type of file.